Making God Laugh

There I go again.

In the last six months or so I’ve made a lot of plans.  I decided to go back to school, I decided to sell my house,  I decided not to go back to school (yet) and now I think I’ve decided not to sell my house.  BUT I may have decided to go back to school after all.

For those interested here’s the progression.  I have all these little boys whom I ‘m going to have to feed as teenagers so I decided to go back to school so I could afford to do that but when I actually looked at the scheduling it became clear that there was no time that I could actually attend class (something that’s encouraged in those going to school) until the irish twins were both in preschool at least. Then we had an incident with some of the neighbor kids so we thought that we should try to get out of the hood, maybe stop exposing our kids to some of the influences that are part and parcel of where we live (it occurs to me now that I promised you more “the things that happen in my neighborhood” stories, maybe later).  So this week I’ve been talking to a Realtor and it turns out that the chances of selling our house without taking a loss are bad, really bad, and, honestly, I’ve just gotten our finances to a place that doesn’t give me ulcers. We can’t afford to take a loss.  So moving’s out.  The new plan there is to continue with the FHE and the scriptures and prayers (something that we’re actually really  really good about solely because it’s the only real protection from the neighborhood and the world that I can give them) and maybe step it up a little.  I’d also like to get them interested in something.  Some kind of sport, dance, gymnastics, horseback riding, something.  Something that will give them something to do aside from hanging out with the neighbor kids.

Also, lately I’ve applied for a different job.  Actually, it’s kind of the same job but the hours would be really different, freeing up most of my days, so maybe the school thing could work out after all.  I don’t know about the job, my boss was maybe going to decide today so I may know soon.  (Not that not knowing is going to stop my making plans, I’m still me.)

Overall, I’m actually pretty happy with the way things have worked out so far, I don’t love my neighborhood but I do love my house.  I love my new kitchen, and I think the rest of the house has so dang much potential that I was really sad at the thought of leaving and now I don’t have to think about it.  I would love some ideas from you all about how to make our living here a positive thing for my kids, seriously, how do I keep them away from the things that they will inevitably be introduced to living here (yes, I know that kids can find that stuff anywhere, but we’ve already had to put certain houses in the neighborhood off limits because the “adults” in the house were smoking pot in the house with their kids, and my kids there).  Maybe this is my chance to be a good influence to the neighborhood.  But how?

As to the going back to school, Im not going to put my eggs in that basket until I hear about the job and then we’ll see from there, if I don’t do school maybe I’ll start writing again.  Who knows, anything could happen, and no doubt, lots of things will.  And lots of plans will be made, and most, if not all, will be discarded.  But what the heck, if I can’t be good at least I can be entertaining!



It started out like this:102_0403And like this (obviously this is a different angle):102_0398

And then it looked like this:102_0420And then this:102_04611 Then this: 102_0486

Then this: 102_0552 Then this: 102_0578

Then this: 102_0599 This: 102_0617

This: 102_0815 This:102_0821

And now this: 102_08871 Yay!!!!

The exterior is not done.  Before: (notice the darness of the existing wood siding) 102_0399

Currently:102_0658 (notice the not darkness of the new wood siding.) 102_0659

And there is more work that needs to be done inside too: kitchen-fixes

But as of right now, I’m done.

And I’m calling it a win.

I’m Just … GRUMPY

I don’t feel like blogging.

I’ve still been posting about as often as I usually do.  And if you have a blog, I’ve still been reading, I just can’t bring myself to comment.  Because I don’t feel like it.  I don’t feel like talking and I don’t feel like making small talk and, sadly, I don’t feel like telling you that you’re funny (although you are) or that you’re smart (you’re that too) or that you’re so right (but I mean, obviously) I’m just too grumpy to do it.

Does that make me a bad person?

And then there’s the fact that my computer,Rufus, is freaking out and randomly clicking for me so if I leave the mouse somewhere other than at the end of the line I end up with sentences that look like this: not that th o read, see?  ere’s anything wrong with that but it does make them kind of hard t (of course when I let it go to write that sentence stupid Rufus behaved so it almost didn’t jump at all (actually it did randomly erase the whole paragraph but I couldn’t just leave it like that because it doesn’t make a lot of sense without the beginning of the paragraph) but then it did. Phew!)

And tonight I was going to put together the final kitchen post but my stupid camera is going through batteries like John Mayer goes through starlets so when I pulled it out it just turned itself off.  So I couldn’t take the necessary pictures so now you don’t get that post.  Yet.

“Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…”

Maybe it’s the stupid cold, I’m tired of the cold.  Or maybe it’s the fact that the kids are off track, stupid year round school.  Or maybe it’s the never ending list of crap that needs to be done around the house (Kitchen’s done, yeah yeah yeah, but I still have to replace the window and build the desk and then there’s the living room…) Or maybe it’s just that I’m not that nice of a person after all.

Who knows?

I had a dream about an old boyfriend the other night.  It was super vivid and it really made me want to talk to him.  But he isn’t returning my emails so I guess that won’t happen.  Stupid ex-boyfriend.

I did the taxes a couple weeks ago.  When you have four kids and you make fifty cents an hour, doing the taxes is like winning the lottery (a small lottery but still).   That should make me happy.  Meh.

Don’t mind me, I’m fine, talk amongst yourselves.  I’ll be back with a more cheerful post or a meme or a report on the kitchen tomorrow.


Apparently I’m stripping my kitchen table.

This was not what I had intended to do today.

Or at all.

See, I got this kitchen table from my sister and it was cute but not super cute (sorry, Mel) and of course everything that’s going to be in my new super cute kitchen needs to be super cute so obviously something was going to need to be done.  I looked at it and decided that it needed a little more sanding to really distress the sort of distressed look that it had going on.  (I’m going with a distressed look because let’s face it, any furniture in my house is going to be distressed anyway because- well, it’s in my house.)

So I got out my sander to do a little additional distressing but I realized before to long that in addition to the paint and the spots of previously sanded off paint (did I mention that the table was already minimally distressed?) the table had been treated with a clear coat of sealer.

Now I know that that is standard operating procedure when going for a distressed look but I can not for the life of me figure out why.  Why do you paint something and then sand it so that it looks like it’s been used for years and then put a protective finish on it?  Why not just use it and then over time your worn in look might look even better because now it’s actually worn in?

Back to my point.  Do you know what happens when you sand polyurethane?  It gets cloudy and makes your piece of furniture, say a table top for example, look dusty.  Not exactly the look I was going for.  So I thought I’d try a little paint thinner, just to take the clear layer off.

It made no difference.

So I spread a little stripper on there, just for a minute, just to take the top layer off.

Do I need to mention that it didn’t work?  Let’s not belabor the point ok?

Funny You Should Mention That

Both my darling sister Catherine and my good Friend Lisa mentioned that when they saw the title of the last post they thought it was going to be about the kitchen.

That just makes me chuckle.  Have you learned nothing here girls?  I’m NEVER going to be done with the kitchen.  In fact I happened to take some pictures of the kitchen right before I wrote that last post.  I kid you not, this is exactly what my kitchen looked like as I turned my back on it to write that happy little post.


102_0697La la la la la la la  la.  That’s just me singing  a happy tune.  And how could you not, living like this?

And just for good measure, here’s the sink full of dishes that I didn’t do that morning because I hung some sheetrock (yes, more sheetrock) and then went Christmas shopping instead.

102_0698Merry Christmas!

I Hated It Before But Now

I REALLY hate tile.

That is all.

There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today

This morning, in the course of feeding the kids and getting them ready for school and doing all the usual stuff I put a few things away.  Where they go.  Forever.  That doesn’t make a lot on sense until I point out that in the course of this massive construction project that we’re doing (which seems to be growing with every post) we’ve been moving things around from one place to another but we haven’t actually been able to put anything where it GOES because the cupboard that it goes in is in the living room and not in the kitchen where it goes because the sheet rock is leaning against the wall where the cupboard goes.  And the diaper bag has just been sitting on the floor by the door because the cabinet hasn’t been built yet because there are cupboards where the cabinet is going to be but we can’t move the cupboards because the sheet rock is … And around and around we go. But we got the sheet rock up so we moved the cupboards to their spot and we even shimmed them and nailed them down and so this morning I put the coloring books that I found laying (lying?) around into the cupboard.  Where they’ll live.  Forever!!  (And I’m starting to think that it will be forever because after all the work I’ve put into this dang house I’m never leaving, they’ll have to pry my cold dead body off the kitchen floor in about 100 years.)  It was good for my soul.

I also learned a few things today.

1. A two year old and a one year old are not really what one would call help when trying to pry up tile.

2. I love my shop-vac more than I love some people that I know.

3. The Baby only has to fall in the hole in the floor that used to be a vent once before I’ll put the cover back on it (this is misleading because it’s not like I put the cover right back on, he just didn’t fall in again.)  So really this should read:  The Baby only has to fall in the hole in the floor where there used to be a vent once before he learns to avoid it.

4. No matter how careful you are with the insulation you will still itch when you’re done.

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