The Road to Hell

I’m not the greenest person on the planet, far from it, but I don’t like waste. It’s so … wasteful. I have a fair amount of stuff that I have to print for school but in the spirit of not being wasteful I like to print things on both sides of the paper. Unfortunately my printer is a little touchy and has a tendency to jam (the fact that I’m currently out of printer paper and trying to print on loose-leaf paper is not helping in this respect) and different programs set up the printing differently so that things don’t collate the way you’d expect them to and I occasionally have other problems. The long and the short of it is that I’m pretty sure that I waste more paper trying to print on both sides than I would if I just printed on one. Sigh.

The Dangers of Reading Aloud

I find it problematic when reading aloud that the description of how something is said comes after the words that were said.  I find myself reading lines in a loud voice only to find that that line was said in a whisper.  It bothers me.

I Have Got to Stop Doing This

The first problem is that I let myself go weeks without blogging.  That may not be a problem for any of you (in fact, I’m willing to bet that there are a few of you who are a little relieved when I don’t blog (you’re welcome for this summer BTW) ) but for me it’s a problem because my goal was to blog at least once a week and for those of you non math majors blogging every three (or four) weeks is not blogging once a week.

The second problem stems from the first.  Any time I’m not blogging pressure is building up.  When I’m blogging regularly I don’t notice so much, very little pressure builds up in the course of a day or two.  Even a week is not too big of a deal but by the end of three (or four) weeks there is considerable pressure.  What pressure you ask? (Yes, I’m aware that you don’t care) the pressure to write a really good post.  After three (or four) weeks I feel like I have to have something really good to blog about something that will, ideally, explain my absence but more importantly, explain why I’m back.

I feel like I have to have this post that’s great, that makes you laugh — or chuckle at least — or better yet, makes you cry.  A post that makes you realize that I’m a fantastic blogger and that you’ve missed my wit and wisdom terribly and that blah blah blah.  My returning post can not be about my workout today (which was really hard so hard in fact that I only did half of it which was a little sad because I have in the past done more than half of it (although I’ve never actually finished that particular work out) but today I did do it harder than I’ve ever done before (squatted lower, jumped higher, did all the push ups on my feet rather than dropping to my knees) so I’m actually not too disappointed.  Especially when I factor in the fact that I noticed today that the helper girl (you know the two people who stand behind the “instructor” and do the workout all with perky smiles on their faces) was totally phoning it in!  Her squats were not deep, she was hardly jumping at all (she did not drop to her knees but I’ll bet (I have to bet because I find it hard to watch the TV while I’m doing push ups) her form was not good) I don’t blame her.  It’s a stinking hard work out (as evidenced by the fact that I did not finish it) .  But I thought it was funny.)  See?  That’s not a good retuning post!

Neither is the one I was thinking about about the fact that the deadbolt on the back door broke –luckily when we were all inside so as to not be locking someone out (although now that I think about it I’m not sure how (or) why being locked in in so much better than being locked out) — and after pulling it apart and deciding that it could not be fixed, Shaun went to fairly great lengths to replace it (after having spent the day just using the front door) so that we can have a back door that looks like this: Let’s move past the dirtiness and the marks on the door left by the venetian blinds (yes, I know how to fix that I just don’t really care) and look at the fact that on this door, right next to the lock, I have not one but two broken window panes that have been expertly “repaired” with cardboard and duct tape.  Yeah, we’d better hurry and get a new deadbolt in there, we wouldn’t want to leave our house exposed.  (In our defense (pun intended) that is corrugated cardboard and there are two layers of it.  We’re totally safe.)  See?  Again, not a great blog post.

I also though about posting about the very nice guy on the Jordan River Parkway Trail that I was riding yesterday who helped me with my tire (I had a flat) and perhaps to mention that while what we tried (pumping it up) didn’t work,  (because the problem with my tire wasn’t something that could be repaired on the trail, or indeed at home, it can only be repaired by throwing that particular inner tube in the garbage) I appreciate the effort just the same.  And I got  a lot farther than a I would have if he hadn’t helped me out which was good because I still had to walk a fair bit.  Also that I really need to start carrying a cell phone with me when I ride.  And possibly that I got really lost on the trail but I love that I live in Utah so I always knew that I was going in (more or less) the right direction and that I would eventually end up some where that I could identify.   And I did.  I just have no idea how I got there.  (I’m very visual and I can’t find anything without a mental map.  Unfortunately I can’t get my ride yesterday to coincide with my current mental map.  Good thing I can map my ride it and see an actual map and then I’ll be fine.)

I really should blog about the Pea’s 8th birthday, which is today, but honestly I’m not really a fan of birthday posts (except for yours, I love yours) so I’ll probably just say Happy Birthday to the Pea and leave it at that.  (For that matter, I could blog about my 12th wedding anniversary which is tomorrow but I probably won’t, I hit the anniversary once –read it here, it’s good– and that will probably do it for the next few years.)

The third problem (I’ll bet you forgot that I was listing the problems I’m having with this blog) is the layout.  I’ve had numerous comments on the layout here in the Wonderland and they’ve all been positive (which I love) and honestly I really really like the layout, I like the colors, I like that it’s feminine without being overly feminine and I used to love that the text portion is wide.  Now… not so much.  See the wide text thing is great if you’re going to write really long posts, or if you’re going to, say, post chapters of your book as blog posts (which is the reason that I wanted the wide text thing in the first place.  And I’m sure you’ve noticed how often I’ve posted chapters of my books as blog posts…) but if you don’t have much to say it can be daunting.  I write what feels like a decent length post and then post it only to click over and see that it doesn’t even fill the screen.  (Right there, I can see the next (last) post peeking up at the bottom of the screen.  I can see its title, I can even see the first line or two.  Heck I’ve hardly written anything at all. *Hangs head in shame.*)  So I’m thinking about changing it but, that’s a lot (and by a lot I mean some) of work, I’m not sure I’m up to it.

So there you have it.  The reason that I’m not blogging, or that I haven’t been blogging or that… oh forget it.

Word Nerds, Start Your Engines

I’m not trying to steal anyone’s thunder here, Word Nerd Wednesday is not going to become a regular thing (like it is over at Annette’s) In fact, I was going to post this on Monday but I got distracted by all the praise I was getting over at my brother’s blog and so I felt the need to direct your attention to the most important stuff.

But now I need your help.  (In point of fact I don’t need the help of the word nerds but more specifically, that of the linguists, but “Linguists Start Your Engines” didn’t sound as good.)  I got the Infantile Delinquent a Leapfrog Word Whammer for Christmas.  It’s a pretty cool (and only somewhat annoying) toy and it’s already got him singing the alphabet which I think is great.  But I noticed something the other day and I just know that one of you can tell me what the story is.

The Word Whammer comes with magnets of all 26102_0794 letters and each letter is one of four different colors.  But I can’t figure out what the reasoning is behind which letters are which colors.  (There’s a reason this is categorized under Feeding My OCD.)  As you can see from the picture it’s not a straight red, then blue, then yellow, then green pattern.  And I did catch that all of the vowels, and only the vowels, are red but I can’t help but wonder if there’s a rhyme or reason to the other colors.  I’m thinking some kind of lingual v. glottal pronunciation thing.  Voiced v. non-voiced?  There has to be something, there just has to.

Why am I so sure?  You ask.

Because this is not the only Leapfrog product that we own.  About five years ago we bought the Princess a Leapfrog Desktop thingy (I believe that was the official name of the toy) and it also has magnetic letters.  In the intervening years we’ve lost some of the letters but we still have some of them.  Here’s a picture. 102_07951Notice anything?  Like the fact that the letters that are there are the same colors as the letters on my fridge.

So if nothing else the coloration is standard throughout Leapfrog products but WHY?

Help me out here, this is driving me crazy.

Also, why did they chose to go with the font with the little upwards thingy on the L?  And why don’t the ends of the C turn inward like they should?


PS.  I wanted to throw in a disclaimer about how I only noticed the coloration because at one point the Word Whammer told my son to find the M and that the M was green and that got me thinking, but I’ve got to be honest with you, I noticed the lack of pattern in the coloration five years ago when we got the Desktop it was just that at the time I told myself that it was a fluke thing and all the letters were all different colors.

PPS Yes, I’m aware that I need to get out more.