64 Degrees

When it’s sixty four degrees in my house and I’m wearing a sweatshirt, snuggling under a blanket and complaining that it’s freezing.  Right now it’s sixty four degrees outside and I’m considering stripping down to my bathing suit and sunbathing.

Be My Valentine

I’m thinking of putting together a calendar of how my kids “celebrate” different holidays, something like this: For Valentine’s day the Princess and the Pea empty all of the tissue boxes in the storage room of all their tissues so that they can make valentine boxes for school.

Cute huh?

The Eternal Optimist

I understand the distinction between the glass half full and the glass half empty person but it occurred to me today that it doesn’t matter how optimistic you are, when the clock ticks to the halfway point in your workout you’re halfway done.

Merry Pie Night!!!!

And a happy  Thanksgiving too.

For more information about Pie Night, the best holiday ever, see here.

I Am Thankful




Bed warmers



Your turn.

Stupid Questions

Me: “InfaDel, why is the (not so) Baby crying?”

InfaDel: “I whapped him.”

Me: “Great, you can go back to your bedroom.”

It’s 8:20 am.  Sigh.


On this day a while ago (possible 70 years but who’s counting) the best lady ever was born.

She went on to marry a pretty great guy and raise 7 fantastic kids.  But the kids are only fantastic because they had the best mother.  (And while the guy was probably pretty darn great on his own, living with that lady for years on end probably didn’t hurt him any either.)

Happy Birthday MOM!!  I can only dream of becoming half as amazing as you.

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