About the Wonderland

My name is not Alison. Actually, it is Alison, but that’s not how I spell it (obviously I don’t go to great lengths to discourage cyber-stalkers but I’ll make an attempt). And unfortunately this is not what I look like:

My husband’s name is not Sean, actually it is Sean but that’s not how he spells it, and unfortunately this is not what he looks like:

The Princess

We have one, ten year old, daughter who I’ll be referring to as the Princess (her name is not Princess, it’s not anything like Princess, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even mean Princess) but she does look like this:

And we have three sons.

The Pea, whose purpose in life seems to be to irritate the Princess, is eight.

The Pea

And the Irish twins (who may not really be considered Irish twins, being a year and a half apart),

The Infantile Delinquent

the Infantile Delinquent (who used to be known as Irish1), who’s 4.


The Baby

the Baby, (who used to be known as Irish2) currently  who is 2 1/2.

So that’s the fam.

The Wonderkids

In addition to all this I work full time mostly at night in the operating room at the local children’s hospital.

I was born and raised in Springfield Virginia where my name may or may not have been Alison, Allison, Alyson, Allyson, Alycen (trust me I’ve seen it) or Allycen Jones. (Try looking that one up cyber-stalker.) After graduating from high school I moved to the state I live in now (which I’m sure I’ll mention at some point but I’m not going to make it too easy) and here I still am.

So come early, stay late, and comment ’til your heart’s content. That’s why I’m writing this here and not in a diary after all.