Is it Getting Hot in Here?

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but the only time I really have for this sort of thing is when I’m at work (how bad does that sound?) and the computer I use when I’m at work has this psycho browser, security, no porn software stuff (what the heck do they call that stuff anyway? I always call it net nanny because that’s what we have here on the computers at home and I happen to be the administrator, so in theory anyway, I can look at all the porn I want because I hold the keys …) but it’s a computer that I got from my brother and his wife is the administrator so I don’t know the password and it’s a lot more strict than my browser, security, no porn software stuff (or “net nanny” as I like to call it) so, sadly, no porn for me.  At work anyway.

But I digress (how shocked are you?) the point is that this post needs to include a lot of pictures, many of which I cannot view on the laptop with the psycho browser, security, no porn software stuff (not that it’s porn or anything, that thing blocks some very innocuous stuff, like twitter) and so, without further ado (because I think we’ve had plenty of that already) I give you…in no particular order… the guys that I love.

First and foremost, we have, of course Jason Statham:  I feel like I should mention here that it’s not so much that I think he’s the best looking guy ever (although he’ll do in a pinch) it’s that he’s such a… a man.  Y’ know?

Oh and speaking of manly men, I also love Micheal Westen : again, not the hottest guy around (although I’m a pretty big fan of this picture) but hello, he’s like some super spy guy who has a soft spot for his kick a– girlfriend ( I should probably mention here that when I say Micheal Westen, I mean Micheal Westen.  I do not mean Jeffrey Donovan, who’s the guy who plays Micheal Westen (and also the bad guy, Vance Somebody, in Hitch) I do recognize that Micheal Westen is a fictitious character but, hello, it’s not like I’m going to meet these guys anyway, I can love the not real guy just as well as I can love the real guy I’m never going to meet.  And it’s safer that way anyway.)  (Oh and speaking of his kick a– girlfriend, there’s a possibility that I have a slight girl crush going on there too: PS If you don’t watch Burn Notice, you really should.

Moving on.

Then there’s Brendan Fraser: To be fair, I have no idea whether I would like the actual man named Brendan Fraser at all but I like just about every character that he plays (I’m not saying that he’s the best actor either, just that I like his characters, get it?) And hello, did you see him in George of the Jungle? (One of the stuidest movies ever made but, Oh boy…)

Which brings me to Paul Bettany: (That brings me to Paul Bettany because I watched InkHeart with both Brendan Fraser and Paul Bettany just last night.) Ok, so Paul’s hot, but unlike some of the other gentlemen featured here, he’s also an amazing actor!  Seriously, think about it, he was the evil father in Secret Life of Bees, and the cute funny tennis pro in Wimbledon and the imaginary friend in A Beautiful Mind and the fire juggling guy in InkHeart and Jeffrey Chauser in A Knights Tale and… Well he’s good.

Oh and speaking of A Knight’s Tale, there’s always Heath Ledger: Now, I’m not trying to say that I loved Heath Ledger before anyone else loved Heath Ledger, but I would like to let it be known that He was my boyfriend before Jason Statham was my boyfriend.  I’ve loved Heath since way back in the 10 Things I Hate About You days.  So there.

And then there’s Don Cheadle: and Jason Bourne: and Mal Reynolds: and Alan Tudyk: (although that may be more Wash than it is Alan) and well, more.  But there you have it.  A short list of the guys that I love.

How about you?  Who’s on your list?

Wait, I’ve Seen This One

Our cable’s not working.  Hasn’t been for two days but I’m lazy so I just got around to calling them to come and fix it.  I called and they said that the soonest they could come out was tomorrow.  That was fine and we made an appointment.

But they just called me back saying that they have a technician who’s finished early and they can be here within the hour and is that OK?  It sure is.

But I’m here to tell you that if someone steals my gold bricks in the next few days… Well you know.


PS If you’re totally lost that’s the set up in a certain movie (which features a certain boyfriend of mine).   A million virtual points to the first person to name it.

I Have the Power

And now because I can:

Oh and this one:

And this:

And this:

That is all.

Wait, one more

Have a nice day!!


PS Happy 4th!!!  I’m so glad I live in a country where I can post pictures of my boyfriend if I want to.

It’s news to me

I read a lot of blogs and It seems like most of those have at least one post discussing the funny phrases that people have typed into search engines to end up at their blogs (that phrasing seems weird, I’ll work on it). One such post even asked the readers to respond with stories of their own strange phrases that brought people to their blogs. Sadly, I couldn’t contribute because no search engine had ever delivered anyone to me. until yesterday. I now have my own list of things that people were looking for when they found me instead (obviously, they were not looking for me. Nobody’s looking for me.)

Two people (or maybe just one person but we’ll go with the two theory because that more) were looking for “Jason Statham” and “fotografias Jason Statham”. For those of you not familiar with my movie boyfriend this is him (he?):

If he looks familiar that’s because he looks like what Sean doesn’t look like here. I thought about just posting the same picture that I had before, as that would be more immediately recognizable to some of you, but this way I got to post another picture of him (and it’s not like you can have too many.)

And someone else got here looking up “daughter peeing her”. I can only suppose that pants is the word that follows that but that’s all they typed. Now that I think about it I have no idea why that combination of words would deliver anyone here, I can’t recall ever having blogged about my daughter (or indeed any of my kids) peeing their anything. But I could. Oh I could.

I realize that this is small potatoes to some of you more experienced bloggers. Some of you have truly amazing combinations of words that somehow lead to your door but this is what I got and it’s news to me.

PS I have a big (as in important, to me) post planned for the next day or two but I have to finish the project I’m planning to post about (before I post about the project that I finished). But in the mean time you can be excited for me. Thank you.