Name Them One By One

Because I really really want to make a list that looks like this;

1. The fact that $1,200 of my tax return is missing.

2. My children.

3. The fact that Sean just goes out and buys himself whatever he wants (making him impossible to buy gifts for)

4. Stupid cold weather.

5. That I have three printers in my house and not one of them will actually print anything.

6. I’ve worn a hole in the knee of my favorite jeans.

I’m making a list that looks like this instead.

1. Sean

2. A roof over my head.

3. With central heat.

4. The promise of spring on some of the trees in the neighborhood.

5. The promise of spring in my flower bed.  (Those of you who don’t have crocuses, or at least tulips or daffodils (although crocuses bloom first) really, you need to do this.)

6. My tax return (or at least part of it) suddenly appearing in my savings account.

7. Sean.

8. Lamb stew.

9. Couscous.

10. The knowledge that children with minds active enough that they cannot resist getting into everything that looks the slightest bit interesting will eventually move out of my home.

11. Fantastic, cute and comfortable, $3 boots.

12.  Fantastiker, cuter but much less comfortable, a lot more than $3 boots.

13. Ticket master gift cards.

14. Books.

15. Burn Notice.

16. Opposeable thumbs.

17. Sean.

18. Heated mattress-pads.

19. Birth control.

20. Sugar cookies.

21. Chocolate with hazelnuts in it.

22. Chocolate with almonds in it.

23. My mother.

24. Cheap windows.

25. Sean.

*Note: I recognize that there are some items conspicuously missing from the second list (that my feature somewhat prominently on the first one.)  I stand by my lists.

I know it’s not thanksgiving but all comments must include at least one addition to the list.  The second list.

What’re You Doing Friday Night?

You could be going to a ball.

That’s right, A BALL!

Just like Cinderella. Only (hopefully) with fewer rodents (and a better hairdo).

Anyway, here’s the deal.  If you’re in Utah, anywhere along the Wasatch front you should really come to the Twelfth Night Charity Ball being held this year at Thanksgiving Point.

The charity you’ll be supporting is A Child’s Hope Foundation, an organization trying to make it easier for couples in developed countries to adopt children in forgien countries And trying to provide those children with food, shelter and adequate medical care until they can be adopted.  More information about them can be found here.

The ball (and it is a ball, make no mistake, I’ll be wearing my prom dress)  is this Friday, (there’s nothing like a little notice, I know) January 30th at 7:00 at the Show barn at Thanksgiving Point.  More information about the ball can be found here.

If you don’t have or you can’t fit into your prom dress or it’s *ahem* not appropriate, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, church dress will be fine, but if you happen to have a formal gathering dust in your closet pull it out, dust it off and get out there.  C’mon when else are you going to get to wear that thing?

There will be a live band (led by a certain blogger’s father) and if you play your cards right you can be their lead singer (talk about the ultimate karaoke) and, of course, dancing (what’s a ball without dancing?) and chocolate fountains with lots of goodies for dipping (because what goes better with your formal attire than melted chocolate?) and various BYU and other semi-celebrities (I think some sports players or something, and maybe miss Utah???) and …

Tickets are, I think $20.00 but you should also bring a pocket full of quarters for the candy machines because if you get a golden ticket you win!  something.  There will also be a silent auction, (my sister won a really cool sculpture a couple years ago) and all kinds of fun stuff.

So stop considering, tell your husband that he’s going to have to suck it up and wear a suit and take you out and show you a good time for once.  I’ll see you there.


P.S. I’ll be the  one who looks like this

Or you know, maybe a little more like this

AND… The Dismount!

This is me right now

That’s right, I’m done, finished, finito.  I will be buying exactly no more Christmas presents before Christmas.

If I forgot you I’m sorry, but I’m not going back out there.  It looks like this outside right now

But seriously, can I just ask why one pays for a 4 wheel drive, V6, Toyota Higlander if one is unwilling to drive over five miles an hour the minute the first flake hits the ground?

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