It started out like this:102_0403And like this (obviously this is a different angle):102_0398

And then it looked like this:102_0420And then this:102_04611 Then this: 102_0486

Then this: 102_0552 Then this: 102_0578

Then this: 102_0599 This: 102_0617

This: 102_0815 This:102_0821

And now this: 102_08871 Yay!!!!

The exterior is not done.  Before: (notice the darness of the existing wood siding) 102_0399

Currently:102_0658 (notice the not darkness of the new wood siding.) 102_0659

And there is more work that needs to be done inside too: kitchen-fixes

But as of right now, I’m done.

And I’m calling it a win.

The Real Houdini

Back when the Infantile Delinquent was stealing cars my mother said that rather than calling him Irish 1, which was what I called him at the time, I should call him Houdini.  I thought about it but then I came up with Infantile Delinquent and I thought that was pretty clever (and then bythelbs came up with InfaDel and that was even cleverer and a lot of fun) so I went with Infantile Delinquent instead.

And now I know I made a good choice.  Sure the Infadel steals cars but only those that are left unlocked.  Or those to which he has access to the keys, which is pretty precocious for a two-year-old but not quite as impressive as his sister who opens this 102_0819from the other side of the door.  (That’s not a stain on the door jamb, it’s just unpainted wood from where the hinges used to be before I turned the door around.  Long story.)

Sean and I sleep in the basement in our house.  All the kids sleep upstairs.  Most of the time.  But the kids are horrible sleepers and all of them with the exception of the Pea would prefer to sleep in our bed.  The Princess and the InfaDel feel so strongly about this that they will sneak down stairs in the middle of the night to do so.  The Baby probably would too but he can’t get out of his crib.  Yet.  (He’s only barely one after all) So he doesn’t.

In an effort to not have four people in our bed every night  we started locking the basement door.  That was effective for all of maybe one night.  Then the Princess realized that by inserting a screwdriver along the striker plate (the plate that lets the door close without your having to turn the knob.  Yes, I had to look that up.) she could pop that sucker right open.

So after waking up to find the Princess in our bed 2 or 3 (or 20 or 30) times we installed the very fancy hook and eye latch.

Before we proceed let me point out a few features of the hook and eye.

It’s placed high on the door.  I’m 5’7″ and I took this picture standing, notice how you’re looking up at the latch?

There’s a backstop (looked that one up too) between the edge of the door and the latch so anything that’s going to open that latch has to turn a corner.  (You can’t really see it in this picture but in the interest of full disclosure I will tell you that the backstop on this particular door is backwards because when I turned the door around I was too lazy to pull off the backstop and turn it around too.)

This particular latch has a spring loaded lock on it.  You drop the latch into place and then pull the lock thingy back and  it’s supposed to secure the latch into place. (This feature is not very effective, it’s easy to unlatch the thing without pulling back the lock.  But it has to add some resistance right?)

The latch stopped the Princess for all of two nights.


At first we thought that we were forgetting to latch it.  Nope.

Maybe she was just jimmying the door and the latch was coming off?  No.

I wondered if she was somehow getting a screwdriver in there so I tried it.  That didn’t work either.

So finally we asked her.

She carries a chair down the stairs and stands on it.  Then she takes a paperback book and slides the cover between the door and the frame.  The cover of the book easily turns the corner (Made slightly easier by the backward backstop but still…) and with the book cover lifts the latch.  She then inserts a screwdriver between the door and the striker plate, because we often engage both the latch and the lock (why, I have no idea because obviously neither are doing any good)  and unlocks the door.  She then carries the chair back upstairs, puts the book and the screwdriver away (the only time she ever cleans up after herself) and them comes back downstairs and climbs into bed with us.

It really is too bad she’s an evil genius.

Funny You Should Mention That

Both my darling sister Catherine and my good Friend Lisa mentioned that when they saw the title of the last post they thought it was going to be about the kitchen.

That just makes me chuckle.  Have you learned nothing here girls?  I’m NEVER going to be done with the kitchen.  In fact I happened to take some pictures of the kitchen right before I wrote that last post.  I kid you not, this is exactly what my kitchen looked like as I turned my back on it to write that happy little post.


102_0697La la la la la la la  la.  That’s just me singing  a happy tune.  And how could you not, living like this?

And just for good measure, here’s the sink full of dishes that I didn’t do that morning because I hung some sheetrock (yes, more sheetrock) and then went Christmas shopping instead.

102_0698Merry Christmas!

I Know I Hate Halloween But…

…the Jack-o-lantern I carved is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

See:It’s like Scarface or Sloth from Goonies or something.

Hmmm Goonies, now might be a good time to introduce my kids to One Eyed Willie.  Not to mention a inhaler weilding Sean Astin (Mr. Frodo my tukus).

And because every once in a while i need to be the doting mom, here are some more punkin carving pics:

More Hypotheticals

If you leave this board

(Yes, those are nails.)

laying on the floor like this

then your husband might step on the board and the nail might go into his foot far enough that he has to reach down and pull the board (and the nail) off (out) of his foot.

And he might have to go to the ER where, thankfully he works so they know him and they don’t make him wait for ten years, and get one of the doctors there to clean it out and give him a Tetanus shot so he doesn’t get lock-jaw.

And you might feel really bad and really guilty.

If, however, your husband leaves this board

laying on the floor like this and he steps on it.  You’ll still feel really bad.

But you’ll avoid the guilt.


Diamonds Schmimonds, pearls schmearls, mama’s got a brand new saw.  She’s pretty, no?

I’m gonna be honest and tell you that at first she scared me just a little bit, she’s way more manly than my old cordless saw but then I used her and Oh My Lanta, She cut through my 23/32 tongue and groove plywood like butta.  And it was love.

So the lesson for the day is cordless drill, good.  Cordless circular saw, not so much.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve mentioned it because it’s been quite a while since I’ve wanted to talk about it but we’re back on track and working on the kitchen.  And as you can see it’s coming along.

Inside the addition looking out the window.

Inside the addition looking out the window.

Outside looking in the window.

Outside looking in the window.

Next we need to knock out that wall! Yeah, that dark wall with the light on it and the door in it.  That’s the current exterior door to the house and when we get rid of it is when the addition actually becomes an addition to my mind.  And it starts to bring the mess into the house.

We actually have a few more things to do first but there’s a chance that next week will be demo time.

Wish us luck!

I’ll leave you with this parting shot.

Just because they're cute.

Just because they're cute.

Lest You Think I’m Going All Girly on You

I pulled out my beloved power tools and built this.It’s not the most professional thing I’ve ever put together but it is built entirely out of scraps so I think that counts for something.

What is it? you ask.  It’s a cage for the bunny that I’m allowing my mother-in-law to give to my children, against my better judgment.

It does have some cool features though, like a removable floor and a big door with the little door in it.  The big door’s good for cleaning and getting the bunny out, the small door should be perfect for changing food and water with minimal bunny escapage.

So that was today’s project.  Tomorrow maybe I’ll repaint the bench.

What’s going on with the kitchen?

Well, we have a friend from the ward who frames (in addition to other things) for a living.  And he’s framing it for us but he’s doing it for free (I’m going to try to pay him but I’m sure not anywhere near his usual rate) so I can’t expect him to be here when he’s got real paying gigs so it’s going slowly.

I’ll post pictures as soon as it’s all framed in.

PS The rug has already started unraveling.  *Sigh*

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