Lest You Think I’m Going All Girly on You

I pulled out my beloved power tools and built this.It’s not the most professional thing I’ve ever put together but it is built entirely out of scraps so I think that counts for something.

What is it? you ask.  It’s a cage for the bunny that I’m allowing my mother-in-law to give to my children, against my better judgment.

It does have some cool features though, like a removable floor and a big door with the little door in it.  The big door’s good for cleaning and getting the bunny out, the small door should be perfect for changing food and water with minimal bunny escapage.

So that was today’s project.  Tomorrow maybe I’ll repaint the bench.

What’s going on with the kitchen?

Well, we have a friend from the ward who frames (in addition to other things) for a living.  And he’s framing it for us but he’s doing it for free (I’m going to try to pay him but I’m sure not anywhere near his usual rate) so I can’t expect him to be here when he’s got real paying gigs so it’s going slowly.

I’ll post pictures as soon as it’s all framed in.

PS The rug has already started unraveling.  *Sigh*

Who Says I’m Not Crafty?

Well, I do, on a pretty regular basis.  And I’m not.  But I did make This:It’s not quite straight and I suspect that it will fall apart really soon but as a first attempt I think it’s ok.  And there’s plenty more where that came from.  it’s made out of one day’s worth of towels from work that would just have been thrown away.  It’s a good thing blue works for me.

Morror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Handiest of Them All?

That would be me.

No, I didn’t put it together. I BUILT IT. I had very specific needs and I knew that Ikea just wasn’t going to do it on this one (no slight intended to Ikea, love them) so I got out my tape measure and I did some quick (or possibly really really slow) calculations and I drew some plans.

And I went to Home Depot and bought some wood lumber (there’s a possibility that they cut it for me at Home Depot but this in no way diminishes my achievement) and I took it home and I measured some more and I got out my superfun cordless drill and screwed some stuff together. I even got out my newly purchased jigsaw and cut the little swoopies (that’s a technical term) on the back and sides. And after only four trips to Home Depot (including one aborted trip because the hammers were starting to be a temptation and I was afraid I’d use one to kill the Pea I ran out of time) I had a big ol’ storage bench for my kids to sit on in my kitchen.

Now for some of you this is not a major accomplishment. My husband’s family is full of very handy people. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a gathering with his entire family in which the pouring of cement was not involved. In fact the first real family experience I had with those who were soon to be my in-laws was when we all gathered in Blanding (UT, hit Moab and head south for another hour) to finish Grandma and Grandpa’s basement. Not just normal finishing either. If I recall correctly we were framing walls, pulling wires (a talent that may come in handy soon Deb, we’ll be calling you), there may even have been some plumbing involved. Anyway, my point is that Sean would come by any handiness naturally (although there’s a possibility that that particular gene skipped a generation). His parents built a house, as in brick on brick, with their own two (four?) hands for cripes sake.

My family on the other hand. NOT HANDY. We don’t pour cement, we don’t frame walls, we can only just be prevailed upon to put up shelves (That’s a shout out to my fam and FHEs as a kid). We’ll argue politics or religion or music or movies or whatever with you all day (sometimes even if we don’t disagree with you) but we’re not much for getting things done.

But me I got it done.

Now I just have to sew a cushion for it.

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