My Brush With Death (or something less dramatic, but what fun would that be?)

On my way home from work at about 1 am last week some creepy guy followed me.

I’m not sure when this guy got in behind me, I know it was on the freeway but I’m not sure if he followed me all the way from 201 on to 215 and then off at the 35th south exit or if he picked me up somewhere on 215.  But he was definitely behind me on 215, and on the off ramp, and behind me at the light, and on the frontage road, and on 37th.  That I noticed.  How could I not, he was riding so close I was wondering if he was trying to borrow my lighter (a joke that worked a lot better when cars had lighters rather than electrical ports).  He also turned onto my street right behind me.

Now, I’m not the most aware driver in the world, my driving record clearly shows that, but when some guy’s sitting on your tailgate close enough that you can’t see his lights at 1 am you notice when he turns in to your very small neighborhood.  The question is what do you do about it?  It was 1:15, I was tired, I wanted to get home and get into bed.  And yet… well, I didn’t want this guy to know where I live.  So I passed right by my house.  I took a right at the end of my street and another at the next street, at which point it became clear that he did not just happen to be another resident of the neighborhood heading home.  By that time I had taken a route through the neighborhood that no one who knows the neighborhood would take.  This was getting weirder.

Now what?

I pulled over.  I was still in my residential neighbor hood and I pulled over in front of whatever house I happened to be near.  And he pulled over right behind me.  I didn’t turn off the car or the lights or anything, I just sat a waited to see what he would do.  It was possible that he wanted to tell me that I had a brake light out or a low tire or something after all, farfetched but possible.  Except that he didn’t do anything either.  He didn’t get out to talk to me, he didn’t honk or wave, he just sat there for a minute behind me.  And then he flashed his lights at me.  I still have no idea what that was supposed to mean.  And then he turned his lights off completely and backed away from my car.


He backed to the end of the street and around the corner so that he could get out of the neighborhood.

At which point my curiosity was definitely piqued not to mention I was getting a little bit mad.

So I followed him.

He headed down 27th west, a road I drive several times a day, and then turned at a light headed west and then took the first right.  I’ve lived int his neighborhood for 8 years, I knew where he was going to end up.  And so, because I watch far too much television, I took another route and sure enough, he came out just where I thought he would.  So I followed him some more.  He headed down the street and then pulled over to the side of the road, turned off his lights and looked like he was parking.

Until I pulled up beside him.

I rolled down my window to confront him, he looked over, saw me, and tore out of there like he was on fire.  Huh, interesting.

Luckily when he pulled past me he was close enough for long enough that I got his license plate number.  I had also gotten a look at him.

I followed him for another minute or so but it was pretty clear that he wasn’t going to let me talk to him so I let him go (and went to the police station which was on my way home and despite the fact that the doors were open and lights on I was able to locate any people so I gave up) and went home to call the cops.

The dispatcher said that they’d drive around and look for him and with the plate info, contact the owner of the vehicle and see where he was and if it was him or whatever but… *shrug*

What I want to know is what was his plan?  If I hadn’t noticed him, if I had gone ahead and pulled into my carport was he going to come up behind me, knock me out and drag me away?  That seems like an awfully caveman move to make.  What was he play?

I guess I’ll never know.

That’s probably a good thing.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Janelle
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 14:52:18

    You are so brave. I’m so glad you went to the police because if something weird happen that same night to someone else they have a license plate of that guy and a description.

    When I was stupid enough to almost get kidnapped I felt so stupid I didn’t call the police. And sure enough when I checked the sex offender website this guy was on it. I just wasn’t SURE of his intentions despite his hugging me and not letting me go and following me to my car etc. I guessed he was drunk. But he didn’t smell drunk.

    Anyways, way to go!

  2. cheryl
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 15:51:33

    Janelle’s right –you are brave! My hero, really. I wouldn’t have followed the loser, but then again, maybe it was good you did, because then maybe he would have thought the house you parked in front of WAS yours and was planning on coming back later? Maybe? So, by following him, you saved your poor unsuspecting neighbors (unless it was a house full of big burly men, to which I say –let him come back!).

    Still, that’s pretty creepy. You were wise not to get out of your car. Or go home. Etc. And so forth.

  3. bythelbs
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 21:15:58

    Cree. Py. I’m impressed with your quick thinking and I’m glad you’re OK.

  4. LisAway
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 04:10:23

    I vote you finish the story about how you find the guy and learn about his life and discover interesting things and then… I don’t know. Do something interesting or scary or funny.

    But you don’t have to. The story is pretty awesome as is.

  5. gojo
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 10:35:43

    Sounds like a chapter from your forthcoming book “Off the Table”!

    I think it’s a sign you need to be writing.


  6. flip flop mama
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 15:57:27

    Crazy! Glad you’re ok.

  7. Chris Jones
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 22:43:11

    There might be someone it would be less advisable to stalk, but I have no idea who it would be.

    You stay safe.

  8. Jillybean
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 16:22:16

    I had this happen once, only I had several friends with me and we were followed by a group of scary looking teenage boys. (we were all in our early 20s, much too old for them) We went through multiple random neighborhoods, and all over the city . (coincidentally, in the same general area you were driving through)
    After nearly an hour of this, I got this great idea to go to the police academy on 2700. It was quite late, and not likely that anyone would be there, however, I made the left hand turn into the parking lot as a bunch of cars were coming towards us, and the stupid kids followed us. It turned out there was a police officer at the front of the line of cars, and he nearly collided with stupid teenage boys when they turned in front of him. He turned on his lights and pulled them over in the parking lot of the police academy. I wasn’t sure if we could leave, so we waited there while he talked to the stupid teenage boys and then he came and talked to us. We told him they had been following us. Apparently they told him we were friends of theirs (as if!)
    The officer laughed and told us to go on home “They will stay here with me. They like me.” then he walked back to their car, still laughing.
    I always wondered if they got in any trouble for following us.

    I’m glad you didn’t get attacked, I’m not sure I would have followed the guy like you did, but I hope you scared the crap out of him.

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