I Need $20 to Get Back to Mexico

There’s an old story about a pair of panhandlers.  They’re alike in most ways, they work similar corners, all that.  But one guy makes a lot more money than the other one. Finally the guy who’s making less money asks the other guy what his secret is.  The other guy says it’s simple, instead of just asking for “some money” hes asks for $20 so that he can get back to Mexico. You ask for a specific amount of money for a specific reason and you generally get results.

He is, of course, not going to Mexico but it makes a sympathetic story.

I am also not going to Mexico but I am asking for money. $10 to be exact.

Do you suppose that there’s anyone out there who hasn’t been affected by cancer?  My father’s had it, my brother in law’s had it twice, grandparents, aunts, uncles, the list goes on.  Now I don’t have the raging hatred for cancer that some do but I haven’t had it hit too close to home. Yet.  (I’m under no delusions that I’m somehow going to dodge that bullet.) But I do have some readers (and good friends) whose mother died of cancer and I’ll bet they’re not the only ones.

So here’s what I want from you:   Fatty, a well known, beloved and award winning blogger, is having a raffle.  He’s raffling off this bike:

It’s a nice bike.  It’s a $6,000 bike. It’s a lot more bike than I’d even know what to do with.  But that doesn’t stop me from wanting it. And you can help me win it and help fight cancer all at the same time.  All you have to do is follow this link :

and donate $5.  That’s it.

All the money donated goes directly to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and regardless of how you feel about Lance (or if you feel any way about him at all) you’ve got to admit that LIVESTRONG does great work in fighting cancer and helping those who are waging a more personal battle with it.  For every $5 you donate I get one more ticket in the raffle.  OR if you want a chance at the bike yourself you can go here and throw $5 in for yourself.  C’mon, it’s $5 and it’s for a good cause (two good causes?).

But I asked for $10.

The other five goes to the HERA women’s cancer foundation. (A group fighting women’s cancers (specifically ovarian cancer, I believe) for those of you who aren’t going to follow the link.)

I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy rock climbing.  Well HERA is putting on a climb (same idea as a race, or a ride, or a whatever only rock climbing) and I need to raise $125 (that’s in addition to the $50 registration fee which I paid).  I don’t have $125 (remember the new transmissions?) so I need some help. Specifically I need you to follow this link: and donate $5. (Before you do that, take a moment to look at that girl in the middle’s arms! Holy Crow! Ok, now go.)

That’s it.  Then you’ve fought cancer and helped me have a good time which gives me fodder for the blog and c’mon, we all know that that benefits you because you come here to read my blog and it’s a lot more interesting when I have something interesting to write about.

So that’s it, follow two very easy links donate five (or more, I’m not saying no to more than five) dollars, get on with your day knowing that you did something good.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. melanie
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 09:36:49

    how do they know that money should go to your registration?

  2. E
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 21:45:54

    The second one didn’t like my credit card. I wonder if it’s because I was making two purchases online within 2 minutes. I also wonder if I will be unlazy enough to come back and try again tomorrow……

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