I Need A Car

Note: All the books are sold and the winner of the raffle was … E!!!  (Unsurprising since she not only held more tickets than anyone in the raffle,she held fully half of the raffle tickets.)  Congratulations to her and good call to all those who just went ahead and bought one.  I think I may have one more copy floating around that may be available at some point but I make no promises.

For the past month (or so) we’ve been a one car family.

For the most part it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve been riding my bike in to work on my one day shift, so the Wonderhusband has had a car during the day, and I never take the kids anywhere anyway (I do not have the emotional energy to take all my kids to the grocery or any other store, I find it far too stressful) so my not having a car on the days that Sean works hasn’t been too big of a deal. But, well, as I mentioned, it’s been a month. (The “or so” indicates that two weeks ago we did have two cars for a weekend, but by Monday afternoon we were back down to one.)

We’ve been down to one car because both cars needed transmission work. So, that’s two cars, both with transmission problems (are there car problems that cost more than transmissions?) totaling about $3500. The lack of available transport also means that I can’t go anywhere and spend money, so that’s a good thing too.

The bad thing is that I’m starting to get a little bit of cabin fever.

For the first two weeks The Princess and the Pea were still out of school for the summer so I at least had some chance to get out. The Princess is ten, that’s old enough to leave her with the kids in the middle of the day so that I can go running around the neighborhood for half an hour. One day I even got up early and went on a bike ride for an hour before any of them got up.

But now, she’s in school and I’m stuck here with the Infantile Delinquent (4) and the (not so) Baby (2). And we can’t go anywhere that they can’t walk to. Which means that we can go… oh yeah, nowhere.

Today for example, I really need to go grocery shopping. Costco’s at the end of my street. I could get there. I could even get the InfaDel and the (not so) Baby there. We could shop. But then how do I get my stuff home? I’ve pushed the grocery cart down the street before. I really don’t want to do it again. I’m getting desperate enough that I might.

A weird side effect of the house arrest is that I’m so sick of these walls that I’m starting, completely unintentionally, think of places that I’d like to go, places that I would never even seriously consider if I weren’t stuck in this house.

For example, I’m really tempted right now to go to the bike shop, any bike shop. (Now, don’t get me wrong, I love even the idea of a bike shop, just like I love the idea of a book store or a shoe store. I love bikes and books and shoes. Which is why I NEVER let myself go into those places. For a girl on my budget, no good can come from that.) Shaun’s bike is currently non-operational and he’s supposed to go on a 50 mile bike ride with the boy scouts in the next few weeks (a ride that I secretly want to go on in his place) so really, we ought to see about getting that thing fixed. And the Princess and I are currently sharing a bike so maybe I should take a look at… And there I am, talking myself into going to a place that I never let myself go, and that I especially can’t let myself go to now that I’m taking out a second mortgage so that I can pay for new transmissions.

I even had myself convinced that I should do it. Until I realized that I had no way to get there.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go find the cart at Costco with the very best wheels, the better to push it home with.

Note: I wrote this post on Friday, since then we’ve gotten the van back.  And I’m proud to say that I have not been to the bike shop.  Yet.

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  1. LisAway
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 07:17:57

    I bet you look awesome pushing a cartload of groceries down the sidewalk with the preschoolers in tow. 🙂 Glad you got the van back. Hope it cost less than you expected! (like that ever happens)

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