Is it Getting Hot in Here?

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but the only time I really have for this sort of thing is when I’m at work (how bad does that sound?) and the computer I use when I’m at work has this psycho browser, security, no porn software stuff (what the heck do they call that stuff anyway? I always call it net nanny because that’s what we have here on the computers at home and I happen to be the administrator, so in theory anyway, I can look at all the porn I want because I hold the keys …) but it’s a computer that I got from my brother and his wife is the administrator so I don’t know the password and it’s a lot more strict than my browser, security, no porn software stuff (or “net nanny” as I like to call it) so, sadly, no porn for me.  At work anyway.

But I digress (how shocked are you?) the point is that this post needs to include a lot of pictures, many of which I cannot view on the laptop with the psycho browser, security, no porn software stuff (not that it’s porn or anything, that thing blocks some very innocuous stuff, like twitter) and so, without further ado (because I think we’ve had plenty of that already) I give you…in no particular order… the guys that I love.

First and foremost, we have, of course Jason Statham:  I feel like I should mention here that it’s not so much that I think he’s the best looking guy ever (although he’ll do in a pinch) it’s that he’s such a… a man.  Y’ know?

Oh and speaking of manly men, I also love Micheal Westen : again, not the hottest guy around (although I’m a pretty big fan of this picture) but hello, he’s like some super spy guy who has a soft spot for his kick a– girlfriend ( I should probably mention here that when I say Micheal Westen, I mean Micheal Westen.  I do not mean Jeffrey Donovan, who’s the guy who plays Micheal Westen (and also the bad guy, Vance Somebody, in Hitch) I do recognize that Micheal Westen is a fictitious character but, hello, it’s not like I’m going to meet these guys anyway, I can love the not real guy just as well as I can love the real guy I’m never going to meet.  And it’s safer that way anyway.)  (Oh and speaking of his kick a– girlfriend, there’s a possibility that I have a slight girl crush going on there too: PS If you don’t watch Burn Notice, you really should.

Moving on.

Then there’s Brendan Fraser: To be fair, I have no idea whether I would like the actual man named Brendan Fraser at all but I like just about every character that he plays (I’m not saying that he’s the best actor either, just that I like his characters, get it?) And hello, did you see him in George of the Jungle? (One of the stuidest movies ever made but, Oh boy…)

Which brings me to Paul Bettany: (That brings me to Paul Bettany because I watched InkHeart with both Brendan Fraser and Paul Bettany just last night.) Ok, so Paul’s hot, but unlike some of the other gentlemen featured here, he’s also an amazing actor!  Seriously, think about it, he was the evil father in Secret Life of Bees, and the cute funny tennis pro in Wimbledon and the imaginary friend in A Beautiful Mind and the fire juggling guy in InkHeart and Jeffrey Chauser in A Knights Tale and… Well he’s good.

Oh and speaking of A Knight’s Tale, there’s always Heath Ledger: Now, I’m not trying to say that I loved Heath Ledger before anyone else loved Heath Ledger, but I would like to let it be known that He was my boyfriend before Jason Statham was my boyfriend.  I’ve loved Heath since way back in the 10 Things I Hate About You days.  So there.

And then there’s Don Cheadle: and Jason Bourne: and Mal Reynolds: and Alan Tudyk: (although that may be more Wash than it is Alan) and well, more.  But there you have it.  A short list of the guys that I love.

How about you?  Who’s on your list?

17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. julie
    Aug 12, 2009 @ 23:43:43

    I agree with michael weston …add Gerard Butler, james mcavoy,Alan Rickman…I’m a happy mommy.

  2. LisAway
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 03:50:55

    On your list I would love to be friends with Brendan Frasier (don’t care for his looks, though). I like Paul Bettany quite a lot. The first guy that comes to mind for looks is (and I had to look him up because he’s not a big name, really) Bradley Cooper. And I don’t mind Viggo Mortensen in the right light, either. (they sort of look a lot alike, I think. Hmmm.)

    But mostly I don’t care about actors one whit.

  3. diana banana
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 06:20:54

    uhhhh CHRISTIAN BALE! ryan gosling…and hey, even throw ryan reynolds in there
    oh yeah….EDWARD NORTON!

  4. madhousewife
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 07:48:03

    I love me some Mal Reynolds.

    I loved Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate about You, but I make no pretense as to him ever being my Boyfriend.

    Statham IS a Man.

  5. Kristina P.
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 07:49:33

    I have to say that I can’t stand Brendan Fraser. I do love me some Christian Bale and James McAvoy.

  6. Annette
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 08:24:58

    Okay, so you just listed several of my favorite actors. (Likely because A Knight’s Tale is one of my favorite movies, and three of those are in it, and they’re all freaking brilliant in it.)

    My husband is a huge Burn Notice fan, so I love watching that, too. Michael Weston’s a fun character. (But Fiona will always be the gal from Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken–I somehow can’t get that out of my head. Kinda ruins her character for me.)

    One of my favorite lines from Alan Tudyk in A Knight’s Tale (it’s not that funny in words, but SEEING it is hysterical: “Pain. . . . Lots of pain . . .”

    And of course, Paul Bettany: “I give the truth scope.”

    Then basically, the entire movie with Heath Ledger. (And I loved him in 10 Things, too–we’re kindred spirits that way.)

    Okay, so yeah–you have good taste. 🙂

  7. bythelbs
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 08:58:02

    Did you SEE Paul Bettany throwing that fire around in Inkheart?!? Love him.

    You have a very nice list. I am a fickle woman, so my list is ever-changing. I would have to give it some thought.

    Oh, and love Burn Notice, too.

  8. Julie
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 09:43:34

    Love Burn notice. A lot. And Michael Weston, too, but SO not Jeffrey Donovan esp after his last run-in with the law. This is some good eye-candy on this post. Good job. 😉

  9. tawnya
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 10:13:41

    Oh, I think I love you. Just a little.

    LOVE Micheal Westen. Not Jeffrey Donovan. Micheal Westen. Serious love.

    And we all should know by now that my real boyfriend is Nathan Fillion. I do love me some Mal (anytime), but I’ve loved Nathan since 2 Guys and A Girl. Oooooh. Speaking of. Ryan Reynolds. Did I mention both he and Hugh were naked in Wolverine? My husband had to wipe the drool from my face.

    Heath, Brenden, Ethan Hawke, Colin Firth…

  10. E
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 13:16:15

    How, how, how, how…can you have watched Inkheart last night and came away with Brendan Fraser and Paul Bettany. Were you actually facing the screen? Hello? Rafi Gavron????? Every time he was on screen I thought “he might be the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen.”

  11. julie
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 15:28:05

    I’m glad to know I’m in good company with some of my picks….just send Gerard Butler to my house.

  12. Janelle
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 19:34:04

    We could have made very good college roommates as we would have never been attracted to the same guy.

  13. Chris Jones
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 21:38:03

    The browser is Firefox; it is infinitely superior to anything Microsoft ever constructed. The blocking software is K9, and it is outstanding, and free. Teenage boys, teenage hacker boys, cannot break it, and so far haven’t been able to circumvent it. You could be blogging with paper and pen, you know.

    Jeanette will be happy to supply you the password, any time, for the asking.

    Just keep blogging.

  14. Jami
    Aug 17, 2009 @ 20:29:46

    That fire-juggler was pretty hot. Even I noticed and I’m an old lady.

  15. Rebecca
    Aug 20, 2009 @ 06:32:55

    Yes, but Jeffrey Donovan is a black belt….how hot is that? I love Burn Notice and I don’t have a crush on Fiona, but man would I love to look like her. That’s one hot show. Can’t wait for the new season….

  16. Melissa Bastow
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 20:36:15

    So I’m catching up on blog reading, and missed this when you posted it. And I just have to say that I was in love with George of the Jungle Brendan Fraser in high school. And also that I just watched 10 Things I Hate About You last week because I was particularly missing Heath Ledger’s hotty hotness in that movie. Then I told my husband that it was a real shame that I didn’t get to date Heath before he died (a comment the husband didn’t seem to appreciate, but WHATEV it’s true.)

  17. evelyn
    Dec 12, 2009 @ 06:27:04

    i agree with u re jason statham…i love him in The Transporter series…he’s # 1 in my list..Brendan Fraser in With Honors….Heath Ledger in Knights’ Tale….Antonio Banderas… Val Kilmer..Andy Garcia,..etc… i’ll think about the others…

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