Just Grin and Bear It

It’s that time again, time for my annual Tour de France post.  I know, most of you don’t care and you don’t watch and this post is boring to you (as evidenced by the fact that none of you even bothered to read last year’s tour post) but I just have to throw a shout out to Rinaldo Nocentini.

(For those of you not on planet tour he’s currently winning the race.)

He’s not going to win the tour this year.  Or next year or probably the year after that.  For those who don’t really follow cycling, myself absolutely included (I only watch the tour), his name is one we’ve never heard before and we’ll probably never hear again but for a few days, maybe a week, his dream, his wildest craziest if I could have anything I wanted kind of dream is coming true, he’s leading the tour!

How can you not love to watch that?!

The tour starts with nearly 200 riders but really only two, possibly three, major contenders for the win (the fact that the two biggest contenders this year happen to ride for the same team (Astana) is adding to the drama for those watching but I’m not going to go into it here) if anyone other than another handful (maybe five) of riders (including Levi Leipheimer who also rides for Astana) wins it will be an unbelievable upset.

So here you have 180 guys riding bikes for three weeks without a prayer to win the race.

They each have some kind of goal, to win a stage, to wear one of the other jerseys available (which we hear far too little about in the American coverage if you ask me) to win a stage, to finish in the top 50, top 20, top 10, and maybe, just maybe to wear the yellow leader’s jersey for a little while.  And that’s what Nocentini’s doing.  He’s living his dream and it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Allez Rinaldo!


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  1. Melanie J
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 07:54:58

    I think I’ve heard more about the Tour from friends watching this year than I ever have before. Maybe everyone’s just sick of the Jackson coverage? Or else they also love Rinaldo.

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