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I recently read Annette Lyon’s new book Tower of Strength.  It was pretty darn good.

Tower of Strength is the story of Tabitha Chadwick (Hall), a widow in her mid-twenties.  She was married for all of about three months.  Ending up with a son and a grumpy mother-in- law.  For the first seven years after the death of her husband she lived away from her family (including in-laws) going to school and learning to support herself and her son.

And then she gets the chance of a lifetime, one that she can’t pass up but one that takes her home again.

The story is interesting and parts of it are very fun, but what I loved was watching her work through her feelings about her husband.  For most of us the thought of having our spouse die is devastating.  And it was for Tabitha too.  At first.  But the story that you read takes place seven years later.  It’s the story of the woman that that young widowed bride became.  She still loves her husband but the person she’s become is so different from the person she was when she was with him and from the person she would have been if he had lived.  Add to that the fact that she only actually spent a few months with him and well, she’s conflicted.

Annette wrote a fantastic scene in the cemetery, the first time Tabitha goes to visit her husband’s grave after all those years.  Tabitha is sad, sort of.  What she seems to feel even more is guilt that she doesn’t feel sadder.  Mostly she’s at a loss as to what to do.  Her days of really crying over him are behind her.  But she did love him, he was the father of her son.  It’s very poignant.

Throughout the story Tabitha has to work out a lot of her feelings about her husband.  And about her life, about how to move on and what to move on to.

There are two other characters in the book who have lost loved ones.  Mother Hall, Tabitha’s mother-in-law has never gotten over the loss of her son and seems to resent Tabitha for the fact that she did (among other things) and Samuel Barnett, a widower of only a few months.

Watching the different ways all these characters deal with their loss and how their stories intersect is enough to make Tower of Strength worth the read.

And then Tabitha goes and buys a wild horse.

The book’s out now, you really ought to pick it up.


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  1. LisAway
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 07:59:17

    I’m so glad to see what you think of the book. Thanks for the review. Very nice. And I agree. It has some great characters and conflicts.

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