A Gift. No, Let’s Make it an Award

I saw this button on Kristina, my new blog-stalkee’s blog and I couldn’t help but think of one of my old blog-stalkees (not that she’s old, just that I’ve been stalking her blog for a while now.)  And I wanted to give it to her.  So here without further ado is a button for Bythelbs:

Now I know that the wording on the button indicates some kid of deficiency in the recipient’s blog.  I want to make it clear that is no the case.  It’s true, there is an unfortunate lack of naked balcony dancing (how could you not read this blog after seeing this post?!) but she’s got booty songs (I was gonna link the post with the booty song but I can’t find it, a little help?) so I guess it all comes out in the wash.

To emphasize that getting this button is a good thing rather than a bad thing I’ve decided to make it not just a gift.  That’s right, just like the title says, it’s an award!

Standard award rules apply. (Meaning you can ignore them because you think they’re stupid, you can acknowledge them and move on, or you can complete the trifecta of bloggy awardness and acknowledge, thank and pass it on.)

And to make it even more awardy I’ve decided to give it to some other folks too (because we wouldn’t want to have our awards be in anyway exclusive, no we need to go out of our way to flood the bloggy word with awards, damn darn the consequences) so I’m also bestowing this award on Madhousewife, Cheryl, Susan M (whose blog I still don’t read despite having linked it twice now.  sorry, I’ll get there, promise) and Jen, who might not get it immediately but I’m pretty sure she’ll catch on.

Anyway, There you go, enjoy, you deserve it.

Oh and as an aside to all the winners, it may be that you want to pass this on but it’s a little too much of an inside joke (not really, but just go with it) feel free to click on the button and pick another button to pass on.  See, you’ve got options.

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristina
    Oct 15, 2008 @ 19:36:10

    I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t my other button. But a shout out after a day of reading my blog will do!!

    Great idea on the award. Love it.

  2. mary
    Oct 15, 2008 @ 20:08:09

    Christopher Walken is INSANE!
    I loved this SNL skit.

  3. cheryl
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 08:31:40

    Whoo-hoo! Thank you! I do think my blog needs more cowbell. Is there a blog anywhere that doesn’t??

  4. Jami
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 10:20:06

    I’m with Cheryl. Who doesn’t need more cowbell? Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition of your deficiency!

  5. Jami
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 10:21:46

    Ooo! I just noticed you linked my blog. Thanks! I feel like a big girl now!

  6. annie valentine
    Oct 17, 2008 @ 22:57:19

    I DON’T GET IT. Maybe it’s just too late.

  7. bythelbs
    Oct 18, 2008 @ 00:40:48

    Oh, my blog has the cowbell, baby. But I’m diggin’ the button/award anyway. Thanks Al, you’re all different kinds of awesome.

    And how could you forget the booty song was a Mother’s Day gift? So it was on my Mother’s Day post.


  8. Susan M
    Oct 19, 2008 @ 20:51:48

    Yay! Thanks! Just that picture of Christopher Walken makes me laugh.

  9. madhousewife
    Oct 20, 2008 @ 12:24:39

    The thing is, no matter how awesome you are, you can never have enough cowbell.

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