Why I’m Glad it Wasn’t Very Hot Today.

Irish1 loves cars.  I don’t let him play in my car but that requires some work on my part.  The car must always be locked.  (I’m not a locker by nature, my parents not only don’t lock, they leave the keys in the cars.  And I was raised with that so the locking thing took some getting used to.)  But it doesn’t end at locking.  Irish1, my 2 year old, can unlock my car.  He’s perfectly comfortable unlocking either with the key fob thing or the key itself.  And he makes sure to lock the door behind him.  (I may not be a locker by nature but he is.)  He likes to turn on the lights and the blinkers and generally do things that make turning on the car very interesting for me the next time I get in it.  He also likes to put the key in the ignition and turn on the radio.  And because that’s not interesting enough anymore he starts the car.

Let me tell you how fun it is to stand outside a car that you can’t get into because it’s locked with the key inside and try to talk your two-year-old into turning off the car and letting you in.  Really, really not fun.  (Here’s a hint, if you show any sign of how mad you are he won’t unlock the door.)  So we keep the keys on top of the fridge where he can’t get them.  Yet.

It’s not just my car that he likes.  He’s an equal opportunity car lover.  He climbs into my mother’s car when we go there, He’ll climb right into any car he can find.  He doesn’t talk a whole lot but he can and will identify the “owner” of any car that he recognizes.  He knows which car is Laura’s and which is Grandma’s.  He yells out “Ne har” (Sydney car) every time our neighbor drives by.  (As an aside, I’ll tell you that he calls our van “mine har” that’s mine car.   In his mind it’s not my car, it’s his.)

Irish1 also climbs the fence of our fully fenced yard.  He’s been brought back by the neighbors on more than one occasion.

Given the above, why was I at all surprised when the Princess and the Pea came running in today crying because Irish1 had locked himself into a car that was left parked (but apparently not locked) on the street?  (They were crying because they were afraid he was going to suffocate in the car.  There wasn’t much danger of that.)  Whose car it was, I have no idea, but I feel safe saying that Irish1 has now taken things to a whole other level.  (Or possibly a Ho Nuva Level.)

And I thought raising the Pea was going to be bad.

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  1. Lisa
    Sep 27, 2008 @ 23:13:15

    Sheesh. You’ve got it hard! Great title (scary!). I’m not sure how I would feel in your situation or how I would go about fitting him with a tracking device or one of those things that beeps every time he leaves the house or something. That kid is seriously too smart for his own good!

  2. Alison Wonderland
    Sep 27, 2008 @ 23:17:23

    I’m considering one of those shock collar things that’ll zap him anytime he crosses the property line.

  3. Melanie J
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 01:00:52

    Oh, boy. Baby G is now under official instruction not to get any bigger.

  4. GrumpyAngel
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 03:02:26

    Woooh! You have a challenge in your hands, don’t you? That would scare and stress me out if I had a child who likes cars that way. But since I’m not his Momma and just a stupid stranger, I think it made for a very entertaining post. He comes across smart and so very cute 🙂

  5. Terésa
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 09:40:44

    Wow! You do have your hands full with that one! I feel for you, I really do. Just think these will make great stories to humiliate him with when he brings girls home.

  6. Lisa M
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 10:43:04


    This made me laugh.

    My daughter, who somehow has managed this far, to make it to seventeen was very similar to that. She was an escape artist.

    At some point, these days will be your favorite.

    I promise.

  7. mary
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 11:13:01

    Wow, what a little genius you have.
    My kids love playing in the car too. Fortunately we only have one and it’s gone all day with Dad.

  8. diana banana
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 13:20:20

    just give up now, its hopeless 🙂

    love you big sister

  9. Lisa
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 08:08:07

    I have a good idea! How about I come on here and comment on something non post related, right after I posted about how I hate that!! Great idea!! But you don’t give any email address anywhere, so here I am.

    I really appreciate you giving me your weight category for when I do eventually put up my blog rolls. Ooo, I’ll have to think of some way to incorporate the “roll” part of it in the over 160 lb. category. That would be such a laugh.

    But mostly I wanted to tell you, even though you’re a sore loser, that my favorite of all the limericks was yours about your husband doing the laundry. Just so you know. You were the winner in MY books. Even though you’re a sore loser. Oops. I already mentioned what a sore loser you are, didn’t I?

  10. robyn
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 08:51:47

    Oh this makes me so glad I have a car with manual shifting. They may get in the car, but never get it started as the clutch has to be fully engaged prior to starting the car.

    Oh Alison, you’ll never be out of shape as you have your own fitness trainer on site!

  11. Kori
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 10:18:29

    When my 9 year old was two, he not only figured out how to open the locked door while I was showering but also, once I put a different lock on the door, figured out how to unlock and open the window and climb out. Needless to say, I FEEL for you.

  12. Jami
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 11:25:31

    My L-kid liked knives and electrical sockets. Kids, darn their persistent, dogged, tenacious, obsessed little ways.

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