Because I Can’t Sleep

Sally tagged me a week or so ago but I’ve had posts that were time sensitive (like the last post and the one I’m putting up tomorrow) so I haven’t done it yet but since lying in bed is getting old I thought I’d do the meme in 4 tonight.

4 Places I visit frequently….
1) Facebook
2) Home Depot
3) My Parents’
4) My dashboard (what can I say, I’m a sucker for comments)

4 People who Call/Text/Email me frequently….. I’m allergic to the phone, I don’t know how to text and I don’t really email all that much (except with Annie) but I discuss (in a facebook group) multiple times a day with my sisters
1) Elizabeth
2) Melanie
3) Catherine
4) Diana

4 Favorite Foods….
1) Pita chips and hummus (It’ll change your life)
2) Brownies and ice cream (every night)
3) Almond butter
4) Milk

4 Places I’d Rather Be……
1) The beach
2) Virginia
3)  Asleep
4) My “new” kitchen

4 Movies I Watch Over and Over…..
1) Notting Hill
2) The Importance of Being Earnest
3) Return to Me
4) Pride and Prejudice ( A&E baby)

4 Bands/Groups I like to listen to…..
1) Billy Joel
2) Carrie Underwood
3) Alan Jackson
4) Ella Fitzgerald

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brillig
    Aug 05, 2008 @ 10:41:47

    Oh, how I love pita and hummus! Great list— now, get some sleep!

  2. Alison @ hairlinefracture
    Aug 05, 2008 @ 14:50:43

    Pride and Prejudice (A&E version) is wonderful. I need to watch it again–if I ever have time!

  3. bythelbs
    Aug 05, 2008 @ 15:24:25

    I spend way too much time on Facebook. Oh, and I like your movie list. I’m always up for watching those as well.

  4. s'mee
    Aug 05, 2008 @ 17:33:59

    I feel like such a dork. I *have* a facebook account I just don’t understand how to *do* it! I have a zillion people *poking* me, I have no idea what that means or how to poke them back, I get plants and gifts and who knows what else! I need a tutorial before the kick me off.

    P&P A&E is so great.
    Brownies and ice cream every night? I so want to be your best friend now. Well and you kind of had me at “the beach”.

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