Men Are That They Might Have— Joists!!!

Floor joists that is.

I’ve been working steadily but slowly (‘cause that’s the way to win the race) on the new kitchen and while I’ve been working hard, I haven’t had much to show for it.  (Well there is the roof but you can’t see it without getting on the roof so it’s not very visible)    Until now.

I hung my first two floor joists today!  It only looks like one because it’s a double so that it’s strong enough to bear the weight of the wall that will be on top of it.

So now we have the outline of our new kitchen and it’s gonna be big!!  And not a moment too soon.  We had my parents over for dinner yesterday and seating 7 people at a 3’x3.5′ table is a joke.

I got all the plates on but then there was no room for the food.  With much moving around of cups I squeezed the lasagna into the center of the table but the salad then only just fit and I just held the bread bowl.  After we had all served ourselves I gave up and put the salad and lasagna on the counter, it wasn’t worth the maneuvering to try to keep it there.  And then there was the eating really carefully in an effort to avoid elbowing the person sitting next to you.

Mostly it just made me wish that all this construction crap was much much faster.  But as I make up the bulk of the construction crew (Sean helps when we’re both home together, so never and when there’s something I’m not strong enough to do) it will probably continue to be slow.

So now I just have eight more floor joists to hang (after I finish hanging the rim joists) and then we’ll be on to framing, and pulling ducts and laying subfloor and insulating and sheetrocking and… Wow, there’s still a whole lot of work to do.

PS Sorry that the picture files are so big, my photoshop is on the fritz again.


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  1. s'mee
    Jul 08, 2008 @ 08:31:10

    Amazing! I am way excited for you! I looong for a big kitchen. I had one in the first house we bought, after that evidently the architects were anorexics. Good on you!

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