The Voices in my Head

My personal maid, Emmaline, (whose position, were she not a member of the so called fairer sex, would be more accurately titled valet, for her duties are much more akin to those of a man’s valet than those of a traditional ladies maid) despite ample evidence to the contrary, still harbors the cherished belief that mine is a terribly glamorous and a horribly romantic life. This belief, as I have mentioned, is in err. It is true that I have gained a certain notoriety, both as a performer and in other, more dubious areas but the assuming and removing of stage makeup and costume, the interminable hours of rehearsal and fittings, the voice training in both dialect and singing and myriad other obligations necessary to me due to my choice of stage performer as career are hardly those of glamour. And of romance, there is none.

I call myself a stage performer but to give the impression that I engage in vaudevillian acts would not be strictly accurate. Actress would perhaps be closer to the truth but I feel, doesn’t embrace the scope of my abilities (or perhaps it does embrace the scope of my abilities but not that of my performance.) In addition to acting I have been known to sing, and dance. In point of fact, my first employment with a theatre was as a dancer. I was in the chorus for several shows performed by the Paris ballet during the 1903 season. But it was quite obvious very early on that I was not destined to be a prima ballarina. It was from there, through various contacts and associates, that I was “discovered” for my acting and began my career as an actress. In the course of which career I have been called upon to sing as well. Beginning with the odd part in which ever play by Mr.s Gilbert and Sullivan was popular that year and crowned by a lead in Rigoletto, a part at which, if I was not actually bad I was at least spectacularly average. But by that point I had gained enough notoriety as a performer that no one seemed to care and the show not only played out its full schedule, there were more dates added. In fact that particular show might still be running were it not for the fact that I was under contract to begin another show elsewhere.

This girl, as yet unnamed, but I’m thinking Brigette, has been wandering around in my head lately. She’s British but was raised in Paris and well, there’s more but I’ll have to write the book so that you get to know all about her. She’s the one that’s going to let me use all those delicious 50 cent words that I want to use so badly. Odds are that she won’t really get to live until I’m in a position to devote a lot more time to writing than I can now but I thought I’d share with whoever wanted to hear about her just the same.

Happy New Year!- Al


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  1. Mother of the Wild Boys
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 19:30:13

    You have such an amazing talent for writing.

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