For those of you who are not interested in hearing me complain go ahead and skip the next 2 paragraphs.

On Tuesday, November 14 I sent out 5 queries to agents. I am reasonably sure that said queries were received, I got noting back from the yahoo postmaster stating otherwise and I have gotten about 60 hits on my website since that time (that may not sound like much and It’s not if you’re googol but I’ll be first to tell you I don’t have a lot of traffic, 60 hits in 60 days would be a lot) a link to which was included in the afore-mentioned queries. But I have not had one direct response. Not one “thanks but no thanks” form letter, not one “Interesting, I’m reading the first 8 chapters (which are posted on the website) and I’ll get back to you”, nothing at all. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??!!! Admittedly, some of the websites of the individuals that I queried did ask me to allow four weeks for a response, and I will certainly continue to wait, but honestly, four weeks for an email?! This is the information age people!

If you, dear reader, happen to be one of said agents, by all means, take your time. Look over the first 8 chapters, check out the blog and whatever else you may want to. But if it’s not too much trouble a simple “Hey, I got your email and I’m thinking about it” would be really, really appreciated. That’s it, I’m done. That’s the last you’ll ever hear from me on this topic.

On to other topics.

I’ve been reading and/or listening to the Amelia Peabodys again. Can tell you how much I love these books? I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!! I love the period, I love the characters, I love Amelia’s loquaciousness, and I adore the tongue in cheek comments and the dry humor. Mostly I love the style in which they’re written. I love the language, Elizabeth Peters (actually Barbara Mertz) doesn’t write with the rich warmth of, say, Jodi Picoult (whose books you want to wrap yourself up in) but the characters are so well drawn, especially thorough their dialogue, that you do feel very much like you’ve spent hours in the parlor sipping tea, or possibly whiskey and soda, with them. Every time I read these books I’m inspired to write one (or more) of the same genre. I wouldn’t even attempt until such a time as I could write full time in order to have the opportunity to do the kind of research that would be necessary but I would really, really love to get to do it, when else do you get to use words like recumbent, pedantic, verbosity and mendacious? These are words I need to use. I have a few ideas about a book (probably a series actually) set in the same, turn of the 19th century, time period rattling around in my head. Maybe I’ll even get to follow through at some point.

Speaking of follow through: for anyone who cares we did get the furnace replaced, and not a moment too soon, it got down to 9 degrees the other day. It’s amazing how much better a new furnace (even one that’s only 80% efficient) heats the house than one that’s nearly 60 yrs old. Go figure. And since it now looks like IHC, sorry Intermountain, is going to come through with Christmas bonuses, sorry “end of the year thank yous,” (newspeak anyone?) it looks like the kids are getting Christmas after all

Well, that’s about all I have for the moment. Thanks for coming, come again


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