Giving Thanks

Just like everyone else this week I thought I’d blog about giving thanks. (Why go against the grain when it’s so much easier to follow the crowd?) At the suggestion of a fellow blogger (who also happens to be my brother) found here, last night I sat down with my family and we made a list of things that we are thankful for. Our list is quite long, with over 100 entries, including things like farts (I have a 4-year-old son) and stuffy noses (so we don’t have to smell the farts). Also to be found are family, a Heavenly Father and Jesus (I guess my kids were listening at church yesterday) music, books, flowers, wind, the spontaneous delight of children, laughter, washing machines, and well the list literally goes on and on.

The thing is, there I was sitting in my living room in a chair that’s broken, looking at another chair that’s broken and my couch on which all three of the seat cushions are split open (did I mention that I have a 4-year-old son?) none of which can I afford to replace, and I got so that I could think of nothing but those things I would be sad to be without. (including, especially, the farter of the farts, destroyer of my living room furniture, and probably bringer of the stuffy noses, the oft mentioned 4-year-old son. See the notations of laughter and the spontaneous delight of children) I have a lot, three smart and active children who have never had to come to my work (at a children’s hospital) except to visit mom, a fantastic husband who stays home with said children on days that I work, a great family with whomI look forward to eating all nine kinds of pie that I like best (more about that later, maybe) and A LOT of other wonderful things.

And we’re not done with the list yet. I hung it up but I plan on adding to it. Over the next few days as I see or recognize something I’m thankful for I plan on making note of it, not just mentally but physically, I’m going to make an actual note. I recommend you do it too.

Cheesy? Sure, but hey who doesn’t like a little cheese once in a while?


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